Import of electronic components and equipment

Based on our experience in establishing business contacts, we offer support in importing electronic components and equipment.
  • "Working with DevicePrototype has allowed us to reduce the cost of components for the production of our devices by 70%. The entire procurement process is extremely transparent and did not require any knowledge on our part."
    Łukasz, Project Manager
  • "The cost of handling the import compared to the savings is virtually unnoticeable - certainly recommends Device Prototype's services."
    Tomasz, Managing Director
  • "After several months of working with Device Prototype on electronic circuit design, we also decided to handle the procurement of components for our devices. The cost of components for the production of our device has decreased by 65%."
    Bartosz, CEO
  • "From time immemorial, the purchase of batteries and photovoltaic cells involved huge expenses and a lot of time needed to organize the order. Thanks to Device Prototype, we have reduced our purchasing costs by more than half and saved a lot of time."
    Karol, Co-founder
  • "We always associated import orders with hours spent talking to Aliexpress sellers, who often delivered us defective product. After partnering with Device Prototype, we reduced the time it took to order to a few emails, gaining lower purchase prices and higher quality products."
    Sławomir, CEO

Examples of price comparisons for electronic components

Are these real product prices?

Yes, we have added to the comparisons some of the hundreds of types of products we have imported for our customers.

Can we import other products besides those on the list?

Of course, this is just a sample comparison of several product categories that we have included to visualize the price difference between buying from a domestic distributor and import ordering through our suppliers.
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Two important questions

How will imports affect our business?

Importing electronic components allows you to significantly save money on company supplies, import prices are often lower by up to 80%, but it is worth remembering that each product has a different discount threshold, and the price depends on the size of the order.

What is not to be feared?

Definitely shipping and customs clearance time! Deciding to work with Device Prototype, you can be sure that we will perform all the necessary customs and tax procedures for you, and reduce the shipping time to the minimum necessary, so that you can comfortably carry out your production and sales realizations.

What are our features?

Contact with hundreds of suppliers

We have a database of proven suppliers that offer competitive prices and quality products. You don't have to worry about spending time finding the right supplier and negotiating prices with them - we have it covered

Transparent pricing policy

Unlike most companies on the market, we do not charge a margin on purchased products! You only incur a fee for the preparation of the import quotation and handling of the order - regardless of the type of product and quantity of the order the price is identical - we like to be transparent

Ease of order processing

With a team in charge of coordinating orders and running imports, we don't require any commitment from the customer - we'll make cutting costs in your company a pure pleasure

Savings at every turn

Already at the stage of preparation of the import quote, we will prepare for you detailed information about the possible reduction in the price of products relative to the purchase from a domestic distributor - reduce the costs of your company

Information on the progress of the order

We remain available to you at any stage of your order, we will also let you know if there is a delay in shipping or if we can negotiate a better price for your order - stay tuned

Professionalism in action

We handle imports from A to Z, you don't have to worry about the course of customs clearance, order verification or product complaints - we will take care of everything
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How does the import process work?

We talk about the products you need
We send you the import cost and estimated prices
We set prices and deadlines with our suppliers
We send you information about order details
We will invoice you for the service
Once the offer is accepted, we begin the order process
We handle customs and tax procedures
We supervise the order fulfillment process
You receive the products you ordered

Import price list

What makes up the cost of preparing an import offer?

The main element of the cost of preparing an import offer is to interview and compare prices with our suppliers, in addition, we negotiate and set deadlines for the delivery of products.

What makes up the cost of order processing?

The cost of handling the order includes processing the order, performing all necessary customs and tax procedures, checking the shipment and delivering the products to the customer.

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