Advantages of being a DevicePrototype reseller

We realize that running a sales business requires an unusually large amount of work, so we help our resellers to run sales and add our products to sales. Check out what benefits you are entitled to.
Discounts ranging from 25% to 40% on the purchase of our equipment for your bidding
Access to comprehensive product materials such as photos, descriptions or instructions
Convenient and transparent system of claiming damaged product
Free shipping for purchases over $300

How to become a distributor of DevicePrototype products?

Our company is willing to cooperate with distributors around the world. As a manufacturer of electronic devices, we can offer you attractive discounts on the purchase of our products, to become our official reseller, you must meet the following conditions and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to contact us.
You run an online store or wholesale business that customers can access through your website
You will be placing orders for a minimum of $200 (excluding shipping costs)
You will place a minimum of 1 order per quarter (or 4 per year)
You will keep prices in line with the RRP

Contact us and become a DevicePrototype reseller!

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