What can we offer your company?

Due to our well-established position in the electronic device design market in European countries, we have a great customer base for whom we regularly carry out PCB, device design and software development projects. What can we offer you?
Through our cooperation we can recommend your company's services to our customers, you will get precisely targeted advertising.
By being our partner, you get a discount for conducting electronic projects that we can do for you.
Depending on the type of services offered or products sold by your company, we can offer you competitive terms of cooperation set individually during discussions.
If you can help our customers with their projects then we can expand our offerings to include your services so together we can grow the electronics market worldwide!

What companies are currently looking for?

Below you will find information about the business partners we are currently looking for, if your company does not qualify for the criteria below but you are interested in establishing cooperation then be sure to contact us.

PCB manufacturing services

In relation to PCB design services for our customers, we would like to enable them to conveniently outsource the production of our designed circuits.
Our requirements for cooperation:
- production of 2, 4 and 6 layer PCBs
- completion of orders in less than 4 days
- several methods of shipping orders worldwide
- competitive and attractive prices for customers

Electronic assembly services

Considering the nature of the electronics industry, we realize that not all of our customers can do the assembly of electronic components on PCBs by themselves, so we would like to make it easy for our customers to order electronic circuit assembly.
Our requirements for cooperation:
- assembly of circuits in SMD technology
- own warehouse of electronic components
- quick assembly of ordered devices
- several methods of shipping orders worldwide
- competitive and attractive prices for customers

Distributors of electronic components

In order to provide our customers with access to a wide range of electronic components for projects, we are looking for distributors of electronic components from around the world.
Our requirements for cooperation:
- wide range of products
- possibility to check stock levels
- sales only from own warehouse, dropshipping is not advisable
- fast order processing
- several methods of shipping orders
- competitive and attractive prices for customers
- order processing from the uploaded BOM file or via API

DIY electronic module manufacturers

When we design PCBs for our customers, we often use electronic components that are often available in the form of ready-made modules to be plugged into a contact board or to be connected to a runner board. In order to ensure the convenience of our customers when selecting components for the PCB, we would like to create a list of ready-made electronic modules from various manufacturers.
Our requirements for cooperation:
- wide range of products
- access to module designs
- systematized naming of products

Contact us and establish cooperation!

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