micromis base v1

Micromis Base V1 is a versatile development platform that allows the creation of advanced IoT projects that can use GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth communications simultaneously. The board is based on the ESP32-WROOM-32D chip and the Quectel M65 GSM modem, and is equipped with additional peripherals such as an accelerometer and gyroscope, a temperature sensor and an addressable diode, these components facilitate the development of projects and reduce the need for external modules.
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key features

Connectivity with GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth networks
Measurement of spatial orientation and acceleration
Temperature measurement
Emitting lighting effects through an addressable LED
Short-circuit and overvoltage protections
Built-in USB-UART converter chip
The Micromis Base V1 developer board is a modern tool for engineers and programmers to create advanced electronic projects. The main feature of the board is the use of the ESP32 chip, which is one of the most popular chips for creating projects using wireless networks (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). This makes the board ideal for creating Internet of Things (IoT) devices and other applications requiring a wireless connection. Using the Micromis is facilitated by a built-in USB-UART converter, which allows the device to be programmed using a USB-C cable. A USB socket built into the device also allows powering the device's components and additional components connected to the platform.
The platform is equipped with a Quectel M65 modem, which enables connectivity to cellular networks and data transmission via GSM networks. The modem has an integrated antenna connector, so it can be easily connected to an external antenna for better connection quality.

The device also has an addressable LED that can be programmed and used to visualize the device's status or to create lighting effects. In addition, it has been equipped with the MPU6050 chip, which can measure acceleration and rotation in three axes, allowing the creation of motion-sensing designs.
The board is also equipped with an LM75 temperature sensor, which allows ambient temperature measurement with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius. This is useful in applications that require temperature measurement, such as air-conditioning systems and measuring devices.

The Micromis Base V1 also features female goldpin leads, which allow the connection of external peripherals and Micromis overlays to expand the capabilities of the board itself.

The platform is also equipped with a number of protections, including overvoltage, short-circuit, over-temperature and over-current protection from the USB port, making it a suitable tool for electronics beginners.

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The Quick Start guide discusses such topics as:
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- discussing and pointing out the most important components on the board
- dimensions of Micromis Base V1 board
- discussion of sample programs presenting possible applications of the Micromis Base V1 board

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