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Services and product for creative hobbyists who want to show the world their electronic projects!
Great prototyping platforms along with an ever-growing knowledge base
Extremely easy to use commissioning of PCB design service
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Micromis Base V1

Universal IoT platform with GSM, WiFi and Bluetooth communication protocols
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Extension for Micromis Base V1 board to allow use of GPS positioning
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Micromis POwer shield

Extension for Micromis Base V1 board allowing control of external electrical devices
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brief history

As a professional design studio for electronic device design, embedded and web software development, and mechanical circuit and enclosure design, we want to take a step towards hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts, who are a huge group of people in our industry. Through our retail offerings, we want to bring to the market devices that we ourselves would like to use and services that we ourselves would like to use while being hobbyists. We realize that not everyone is an experienced electronics engineer or programmer, so we include a huge number of useful tutorials with each of our products to make using our solutions extremely easy!


Check out the advantages of ordering a PCB design for your own project at Device Prototype
You don't have to check the design before ordering, you immediately get ready files of your own PCB in a form that allows you to order PCBs from any factory
PCBs are designed to your order, you can decide yourself what elements your PCB should be equipped with, choose SMD or THT technology - all depending on your preferences
Together with the PCB design, you will receive a schematic of your device, an element list that will allow you to complete the necessary components for assembly, and a Pick&Place file that will allow you to order the production of the designed circuits in any manufacturing unit.
The project will be created for you by a specialist employed by us, who will select the necessary components specifically for your project and, based on your instructions, create a custom PCB design for you
We know you can't wait to order a PCB for your own device - depending on the number of orders and the complexity of the PCB design, we can send you the design even after one day!
We keep PCBs designed by us on our server for two years - in case you lose your design files. Just contact us and we will send you your ordered design in no time
For 90% of the projects already in the order wizard you will find out how much your project will cost, the remaining 10% are projects that use components from outside our database, then you will receive a quote within 24 hours
We give a guarantee of the correctness of our PCBs, however, if you find that the device does not work properly by our mistake, we will make corrections to the device free of charge and give you a discount on the next project
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Knowledge base

Below you will find the latest entries in our knowledge base related to our products and services, be sure to check it out!
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In this post, we'll discuss what benefits the use of IoT brings to business, and how dedicated IoT devices can help monitor production equipment and automatically assign tasks to employees.

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How to create an effective prototype of an electronic device?

In this article, we will discuss the steps and tools needed to create a successful prototype of an electronic device and provide tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes in the prototyping process.

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