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Do you need innovative electronic solutions for your business? Our company offers device and system design that will increase the efficiency of your business and accelerate its growth. Find out how we can help you succeed!

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At Device Prototype, we take care of every stage of your project - from the initial sketch to the start of production. Therefore, you can realize your idea in one place from start to finish.

Electronic circuit design

Production of prototypes

Embedded software development

Tests of electronic devices

Design of visual elements

Manufacturing of electronic devices


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Creation of electronic circuit design

During the creation of electronic circuits project we focus on the needs of our customer, each element used in the final device is checked for reliability and availability for mass production. The result of this stage is a ready-made documentation that allows a detailed analysis and visualization of the electronic circuits used in the device, as well as a quote for the production of these circuits - monitor the cost of the project at every stage!

Production of prototype devices

Manufacturing prototype devices gives you the opportunity to conduct convenient tests and send a sample device to the customer to show the effects of our work - create your product with us!

Embedded software development

During this scope, we are engaged in building the control program for the device we designed, at this stage we focus on finding proven solutions that will make the device both innovative and reliable - let's be pioneers!

Tests of the device

While testing the device, we can catch all the functionalities that we can improve. We conduct tests internally, but nothing prevents us from making one of the prototype devices available for testing at our customer's site - let's find the perfect solutions together!

Design of the device housing and mechanical components

During the design of your device we focus on innovation and functionality, every step during the creation of the project will be consulted with you, we will also regularly send visuals and simulations of the finished product so you can start selling it even before the start of production - together we will find customers!

Start of production of the device

Once the design is completed, we move on to the production of the device, depending on your needs, we can produce the electronic circuits alone or offer full production together with manufacturing all the components and putting the device in the box. In the case of low-volume production, we can also handle the shipping of your products and take over the logistics of the entire project - selling your own product has never been so easy!

Project processes of implementation in our company

Project processes of implementation in our company

The scope of our experience

IoT and IIoT systems

Electronic devices that allow the collection, processing and sharing of measurement data from various types of sensors. Systems of this type are most often used to monitor the quality of air in cities, study traffic volume and check the correctness of production processes in companies. When creating IoT systems dedicated to a specific application, depending on the customer's needs, we propose to provide stand-alone devices or a set of devices together with a custom-built web platform allowing to control and monitor the operation of each device.

Industrial high integration systems

Advanced electronic circuit assemblies allowing control and monitoring of human work in the performance of individual activities such as warehouse order picking, product sorting or product manufacturing. Due to the characteristics of work in industry together with equipment and designed systems we offer full support at each stage of implementation.

Vending Equipment

Sets of devices that support monetary transactions, controlling devices such as cash dispensers, vending machines, game machines or subsidy systems. To ensure maximum security of each of the devices we create, we equip them with a number of security features that allow full control of the device's operation and possible interference of third parties.

Wearables Systems

Circuits used in the development of smart clothing and devices worn directly on the human or animal body. Such devices include, among other things, circuits that study vital signs, activities, and generate pulses for the rehabilitation of specific body parts. During the development of the electronic device, software and assembly components, we regularly consult with the customer and betatesters to achieve the best user experience.

Smart Home

Devices created to facilitate daily life and reduce utility consumption in households. These systems are most often designed to monitor conditions in facilities, control individual devices and support people in their daily activities. To ensure the best performance of the devices during the project, we perform a series of tests on installations of various types to ensure the reliability of each device.

Safety systems

Electronic systems that allow the monitoring of dangerous values such as the concentration of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, smoke, fire, air purity or vibration. In addition, safety devices allow us to monitor human and animal activity in specific areas. Regardless of the product's areas of operation, we create simulations of the device's operating conditions and check its accuracy and possible margins of error to deliver a product above expectations.

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To get a personalized quote for your project be sure to take a peek at our form - if you fill it out we can better prepare to talk about your idea for your own product!
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Our machine park

3D Printers

Thanks to the use of equipment working with FDM and DLP technologies, we can produce the latest versions of the components we have designed on an ongoing basis and check their appearance, fit and behavior under various influences.

CNC milling machines

These devices allow us to produce assembly and mechanical components and housings from materials not available in 3D printing. In addition, elements produced with milling equipment are characterized by exceptional accuracy and durability.

Laser plotters

They allow aesthetic processing of materials such as Plexiglas, polycarbonate or anodized aluminum - ideal for unusual projects!

Pick&Place Machines

Automated assembly machines that allow you to carry out efficient, yet highly accurate production of electronic circuits in SMD technology.

Reflow soldering ovens

High-performance automatic furnaces that enable assembly of components in SMD technology. Thanks to the use of microcontroller control, we achieve remarkable repeatability when soldering components applied on PCBs.

Precision soldering stations

To ensure high quality through-hole assembly, we use powerful soldering stations that allow precise soldering of components.

Hot-air stations

Equipment that allows us to work with SMD components conveniently, thanks to the use of hot air equipment, we can make small series of circuits in a very short time.

Equipment for measurement and diagnosis of electronic devices

When testing the circuits we design, we use diagnostic equipment such as oscilloscopes, meters, microscopes and thermal imaging cameras, so we can ensure the quality of the final product.


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