Electronic Systems Assembly

At Device Prototype, we assemble electronic systems in SMD technology (Surface Mounted Device), as well as THT (through-hole technology). We also specialize in prototype production planning and control every stage of the process. Prototype manufacturing is a proven and effective method that provides valuable data for evaluating the productivity of a series in advance. Furthermore, prototype production allows for precise definition of all quality and efficiency criteria.

Prototype Production – A Key Stage in Serial Production

The basis for effective serial production that meets all project assumptions is the creation of prototypes. The final version is produced in thousands, or even millions of units, so it must be refined in every detail. The number and type of functionalities, efficiency, and behavior during exposure to external factors are just some of the variables that can be tested thanks to prototype production.

We have many years of experience in creating prototypes that are as close as possible to the final product. Often at this stage new ideas and solutions appear that we can implement in serial production. Collaboration at the prototype production stage allows us to develop and above all test all solutions. In addition, we conduct rigorous quality control already at the production stage, thanks to which we can precisely define and implement any corrections. The result of the cooperation is a "tailor-made" product that meets all assumptions.

SMD Electronic Systems Assembly

We perform assembly of electronic systems in SMD housings, using SMT (Surface Mount Technology). SMD assembly, also known as surface mount assembly, involves soldering electronic systems (or components) on the surface of a PCB. We use only high-quality soldering pastes that guarantee excellent conductivity and durable connection of the system to the board.

SMT technology, due to its high efficiency, precision, and the possibility of one-sided and two-sided assembly, is ideal for mass production on a large scale. At Device Prototype, we guarantee short delivery times, excellent quality, precise assembly and meeting the agreed deadline.

Assembly of Electronic Systems in THT Technology

We also specialize in THT assembly, colloquially known as through-hole assembly. This technology involves threading the leads of electronic systems (or components) through to the other side of the board. Then the wire legs are soldered to soldering pads connected to conductive tracks. In the final stage, excessively long leads are cut off. In addition to assembling (THT and SMT) systems designed by us, we also offer serial assembly for external customers.

Do you have additional questions about electronic systems assembly or prototyping? We encourage you to contact our experienced advisors and take advantage of a free quote and free consultations.

Electronics Programming

The choice of method for programming integrated circuits is dictated by the specific requirements of the production line and project requirements. The entire electronics programming process can take place before assembly on the PCB. The main advantage of this solution is the shortened implementation time. This option is particularly preferred in the case of multi-series productions that must be completed in a relatively short time.

The second method is programming electronic systems that have already been mounted on the PCB. In this case, the time required to implement the software is slightly longer. This option is chosen especially in low-volume productions and projects where short execution time is not a priority.