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At Device Prototype, we specialize in providing comprehensive 3D printing solutions for businesses, providing innovative, precise and efficient production methods. Check out how we can help you!

Discover new production opportunities

3D printing opens the door to unlimited possibilities in manufacturing. Through the use of modern technology and engineering expertise, we support companies in implementing innovative designs and realizing custom manufacturing solutions.


Each project has unique requirements. That's why we offer a customized approach to each order, ensuring that our services are tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of the industry or type of product, our company is ready to meet your expectations.
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The ideal way to optimize production costs

Custom 3D printing is a kind of answer to the demand of companies that are looking for solutions such as low-cost production of enclosures, production of fixtures or optimization of production processes. Regardless of the production volume, we offer free support from our team, which will help select the appropriate printing technology and indicate ways to reduce the cost of production.

Enclosures for electronic devices

Electronic device housings are the realizations with which we have the most experience. 3D printing capabilities for low- and medium-volume production allow us to reduce the cost of starting the production cycle compared to injection molds.

Mechanical components

As a company that is also involved in the execution of design and mechanical projects, we are well aware of the problems that can be encountered during the production of dedicated linear systems, fasteners or unusual gears.
Obudowy urządzeń elektronicznych
duk 3d elementów mechanicznych

Component substitutions

It is extremely common for our customers to encounter production downtime due to the unavailability of a particular fastener, button or gasket. Regardless of the level of complexity of the part, we are able to reduce production downtime to a minimum.

Dedykowane podzespoły

Regardless of the industry for which a product is created, there is often a need to produce a dedicated component. It is difficult to find a manufacturing method as flexible as 3D printing.
druk 3d dedykowanych podzespołów

What materials and 3D printing technologies do we use?

Varying needs and design requirements for the component's finish, mechanical properties, and production budget place significant demands on the manufacturer. Find out what manufacturing technologies and materials we can use in your implementation!
  • SLS technology printing



    Model finish:

    Satin, devoid of traces of 3D printing technology. Structure of the model similar to fine grains of sand.

    Features of prints:

    Good resistance to temperature and damage, high repeatability, ability to print thin walls.


    Robust mechanical components, mass production in consumer electronics.
  • SLA technology printing


    Light-curing resin.

    Model finish:

    Smooth, sandblasted, devoid of traces of 3D printing technology. It is possible to obtain a model similar in appearance to glass.

    Features of prints:

    Outstanding dimensional stability, good temperature resistance, high repeatability.


    Functional prototypes, chemical-resistant concept models, mass production in consumer electronics.
  • FDM technology printing



    Model finish:

    Depending on the printing settings, satin or glossy, small marks from the use of 3D printing technology.

    Features of prints:

    Depends on the material used and the print setting.


    Budget production and prototype series, fixtures and mechanical components

Need help creating a 3D model?

The main domain of Device Prototype is electronic and design projects. If you want to create a product design and realize production in one place then you have come to the right address!
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