Testing Electronic Devices

An integral part of designing electronic devices is conducting tests in various environments. At Device Prototype, a qualified team of engineers and testers conducts detailed tests at the design and production stages of devices, as well as in the client's environment. Testing electronics is essential for identifying areas requiring correction.

Testing Electronic Devices

Designing and producing electronics are ostensibly the two most important stages in the creation of new devices. However, only by conducting hardware and software tests in different environments can one definitively determine whether all project assumptions have been met. Rigorous testing procedures accurately reflect the device's future operating conditions. Accurately determining performance, operational stability, and work quality allows for assessing whether the device will meet all assumptions during use. In other words, testing electronic devices and their software enables precise verification of operational effectiveness, durability, and resilience.

Based on test results, the decision is made for mass production or the need for possible corrections and retesting.

Why is Electronic Testing So Important?

We specialize in testing electronic devices by qualified testers equipped with highly specialized measuring equipment. This is the only reliable way to check whether new devices meet all initial assumptions and customer requirements. Additionally, tests allow for a detailed analysis of how the electronics function in the casing during exposure to various external factors (including atmospheric conditions). Why is this so important? Because of the unnecessary costs that can be avoided by making corrections during the testing phase, rather than after producing, for example, the first series.

Regardless of the size of mass production, testing is an integral part of the entire design process. Even in the case of low production volume, we conduct rigorous tests that are no different from mass production electronic testing procedures.

Types of Electronic Device Tests

Every electronic device designed and produced by Device Prototype undergoes rigorous testing in varied environments. The number, type, and scope of tests are always individually adapted to specific hardware, usage location, possible interference, external factors, and other variables. We use specialized measuring equipment and various types of tools for conducting tests (including specially designed equipment for testing specific types of devices).

Device testing at the design stage is the first type of tests performed in a test environment. These tests enable early detection of potential problems, such as performance, operational stability, and resistance to variable external factors. Conducting tests at the design stage allows for quick implementation of necessary corrections to eliminate occurring problems, non-compliance with standards, and design. The specially prepared test environment simulates various operating conditions of the device.

Client-Environment Electronic Tests

On the other hand, testing electronics in a client's environment assumes the preparation of a test environment that mimics the working conditions in which the device will be used in the future. This type of testing allows for a detailed analysis of how electronics exposed to different variables operate. These include, among others, temperature, air humidity, and other potential disturbances that may affect the electronic device during operation. Additionally, the equipment is checked for various types of load, heat dissipation efficiency during work, and operational stability.

After the tests are conducted, the device is shipped to the client. In the next stage, tests are performed at the recipient's site. The conclusion of the tests and analysis of the results allow for the implementation of possible corrections. Another service is the performance of tests commissioned by external offices. They are not performed by the client.

If you have any additional questions regarding electronic device testing or other services, we encourage you to contact our experienced advisors. We offer a free, non-binding estimate.