SMD & THT Assembly

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SMD assembly

Our company specializes in precise and efficient surface mount assembly (SMD), offering innovative solutions for electronics projects. The SMD assembly process allows us to integrate electronic components on the surface of printed circuit boards, increasing circuit density and reducing device size. With modern machinery and advanced SMD assembly technologies, we are able to handle complex projects, ensuring high quality, short delivery times and competitive prices. Our experience in the SMD assembly field allows customers to focus on innovation while we handle the efficient and accurate assembly of components on their circuit boards.

THT assembly

We also specialize in high quality through-hole (THT) assembly of components, guaranteeing the robustness and durability of the components' connections to the PCB. THT assembly involves components that are assembled by threading their feet through holes in the PCB and then soldering them from underneath. Thanks to our experience and advanced technology, our THT assembly line can handle a variety of components, from traditional to more advanced. We provide our customers with not only reliability, but also full customization for their individual design needs. Our team of THT assembly experts takes care of every stage of production, ensuring that finished products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

How much does it cost to assemble electronic components at Device Prototype?

How does the assembly price calculator work?

In order to calculate the price correctly, you need to fill in all the fields of the calculator according to the PCB design to which the calculation applies. After completing all the necessary fields and confirming the calculation with the button, the SMD/THT assembly price will be calculated. The calculator is used only for approximate calculation of the assembly price, depending on the complexity of the implementation, the price may be lower or higher than that shown in the calculator.

How do I get a price for PCBs and components?

Due to the fact that each device is different and has a completely different range of components, an individual quote is required for the PCB and components to be used during assembly.
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Do I have to supply the PCBs and components myself?


If you order SMD/THT assembly, we can order the PCBs for the selected design ourselves (no extra charge). We will adjust the order to maximally accelerate the process of implementation and final delivery of finished devices. Of course, we can carry out production on the supplied PCBs. However, this requires prior consulation to confirm that assembly will be possible.


During SMD/THT assembly, we can use the supplied components or order them ourselves. We have our own warehouse in which we have the most popular electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes or integrated circuits. At the order stage, we can prepare a free quote for our delivery of all components.

Additional services related to production

3D printing and milling of enclosures

Typically, a device requires the manufacture of a neat and functional enclosure. Using our fleet of mills, we can offer timely and professional production of enclosures using 3D printing technology, milling of universal enclosures or making solids using machining. Ultimately, we can place PCBs in a dedicated enclosure.

Labeling and marking

We realize how important it is to properly mark PCBs and devices already at the production stage. Equipped with a laser marking machine and label printer, we are able to add an engraving or aesthetic sticker during the production of the device.

PCB varnishing

Devices operating in non-standard conditions extremely often require protection of PCB coating and electronic components against corrosion. Depending on your needs, we can select the appropriate varnish and apply it to selected surfaces of PCBs and components.

Programming microcontrollers

A large number of electronic devices require a properly programmed microcontroller to work properly. After completing SMD/THT assembly and optical inspection of the finished device, we can program the selected microcontroller.

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