Electronics. See why it's worth to choose proper EMS partner


Contract electronics manufacturing & assembly covers a much broader range of services than the industry's nomenclature indicates. Specialists in this field provide services of engineering support at various stages of the product life cycle, from the first design phases to implementation, addressing all the logistical issues that might come in the meantime. 

Improving resource efficiency and reducing unnecessary expenses - there is no industry where implementing related policies and procedures is not necessary in every field of operation. We take a look at what advantages contract electronics assembly offers and compile them into one compact, focused package. Why choose to work with an electronics EMS provider?

Electronics manufacturing - all you need to get started

High-complexity electronics manufacturing requires a dedicated production line and technology facilities. Contract manufacturing allows you to delegate matters related to product assembly and necessary quality control, while your company's resources can be used in other ways. We use to say that knowledge has no owner, but neither does price - let's note from the start that the cost of assembly or contract manufacturing depends primarily on the planned production volume. If the price for the order of several pieces of equipment comes out as kind of surprising, it is also worth realizing what is hidden in it and what it depends on - it is usually the start of production requiring the setting of machines, their programming, and, in the case of electronic circuit assembly, the cost of ordering a stencil for solder paste. 

Electronics supply chain

There are a couple of areas that should receive that special attention in electronics assembly. The first is logistics - that's where it all begins… and actually ends. More precisely: we are talking about supply chain management. Living in an era of exponentially increasing product flows, this strategy should always be tailored to the individual customer and their business goals. Key factors in this process are detailed market analysis of the materials that make up the product, identification of potential supply chain risks in order to design an optimal supply chain strategy, and, ultimately, the minimization of costs. A good strategy is therefore low cost, reduced material risk and continuity of supply. Laying the foundations for all of these right at the start of your partnership with DevicePrototype is a crucial development step.

Minimizing the need for investment

Not having to invest in equipment, lines or production halls is a considerable relief to the budget. Not all companies are able to afford an extensive, complex production area with all the necessary inventory. What is more, this problem may concern entities of all sizes. Contract electronics manufacturing becomes a remedy to these difficulties and is also cost-effective when product volumes are not large, or when production demands are getting irregular. Instead of investing in a production line, you can outsource this process to DevicePrototype, which will take care of the design, production and quality assurance. Suffice to say that outsourcing production to a third party allows you to focus on other areas of your business, such as research and development, sales, marketing and whatever your management style desires.

Electronics manufacturing without "frozen" funds

In the electronics manufacturing or assembly industry, it is necessary to formulate and maintain an individual purchasing policy for each component. Yes, each. The continuity of supply mentioned above in the context of the logistics chain and securing materials for production are extremely important - in fact they open up a whole range of further activities. It is not uncommon, however, for securing larger quantities of materials to involve the risk of freezing financial resources in material that may not be immediately used in production. Contract manufacturing offers the possibility of outsourcing the supply of materials to an EMS provider and thus of secure financing. We know what we need to get the product done.

Support at every stage

The support guaranteed by the EMS provider at the early design stage facilitates the most efficient and effective achievement of business objectives in subsequent stages. Design not only means creating a blueprint for further use in practice, but also the first quality and performance analysis - this is when the search begins for the most cost-effective solutions for the production process in order to assemble the product faster, and therefore cheaper, but without compromising quality. How to fact-check it? It's simple: assume, from the very beginning, that the "testability" and "provability" of the product with all its aspects will remain a key objective from the beginning to the end of the cooperation. This approach focuses from the very first phases of the process on creating opportunities to test the product for its reliability and the profitability of its production. It’s connected and stays connected.

Don't hire a team of specialists, don't retrain your staff

It is not uncommon for companies and other entities in the broader engineering industries to constantly need to expand the responsibilities of their employees, retrain them, or periodically modify their hiring policies. Contract manufacturing with DevicePrototype eliminates the need for a team of subject matter experts because, as a professional EMS partner, we have a knowledgeable staff of skilled professionals at our disposal. Experience and in-depth knowledge of the realities and relationships in electronics assembly are of great value in ensuring that your product receives professional support in every aspect and at every stage: before, during and after production.

New technologies means new perspectives

The last aspect is the one that is hardest to describe with measurable indicators, but at the same time hardest to overestimate. Collaborating with a team of engineers means not only exchanging services provided, but also exchanging concepts, thoughts and perspectives. Technological know-how means knowledge about methods or techniques of doing something, especially something technical or practical. There is nothing to prevent such loosely defined consulting cooperation from being a bit more specific: it can mean projects, procedures, methods along with accumulated skills and experience in the hands of professional staff and anything that draws business development paths for the DevicePrototype partner. We have experience in projects such as:

  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Industrial integration systems - warehouse solutions
  • Consumer electronics
  • Wearables systems - smart clothing
  • Smart Home - home and/or building automation
  • Security and hazard detection systems
  • GSM, GPS, RS485, RS232, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa, radio connections
  • Medical apparatus
  • Enviromental analysis and sensor systems

Let’s face it: for managers and executives involved in all aspects of performance-related business, there are always prospects for more. Making efforts across or at the intersection of industry sub-branches with the aforementioned know-how, the right strategy and strategic partnerships in the background, never gets old. Work out the details of such partnerships as soon as possible. The decision to contract electronics assembly is not only the beginning of a cooperation - it is also the beginning of a relationship fruitful in experience and exchange of ideas, which will 100% sure pay off in the near future. Who knows what’s about to come?


Oskar Pacelt