Manufacturing electronics abroad? Consider choosing a local partner instead


One of the biggest concerns with using offshore manufacturing for new product introduction is the geographical distance between the design team and the manufacturer. Suffice to say this comes with a whole host of obstacles. Higher taxes, tariffs, insurance, shipping costs, difficult communication due to time zone differences or language barriers. Working with a local manufacturer solves many of these right out of the box and provides several additional benefits. Let's take a closer look at them.

One step closer being a big partnership leap 

A successful new product launch requires interaction between the design team and the contract manufacturer during initial electronic prototyping - no surprise here. With a local contract manufacturer designers can even have daily contact and real-time status updates, allowing for quick iterative changes if needed. Of course many could ask the question about the degree of organization, or rather: the desirability of such contact. These are further organizational issues that are easier to discuss in the described collaborative system. In addition, working with a local CM allows for on-site visits by the contractor, which accelerates the new product launch cycle. This level of interaction between design and manufacturing is essential to increase the overall productivity of the project under development.

Easy access to electronic components

One of the most important steps in electronics design is choosing the right components to use. Typically, these decisions are made based on functional needs, but it is also important to consider price, availability, and many other factors. Some electronic components are used more frequently than others, be it capacitors and resistors. Regardless of which components are used most often, it is important to ensure that they are readily available at all times so that there are no delays in the manufacturing process. A deep level of search involvement is usually difficult for product development teams. Local electronics designer and contractor DevicePrototype based in the EU has a team of engineers and specialists focused on finding the best components. The assistance that sourcing specialists can offer always has an impact not only on the final cost, but also on a structural and functional capabilities of the designed device.

On-site engineering expertise 

Just another crucial area where businesses and individual customers often need help is the engineering resources. What is included in this term? Although the prototyping and/or assembly work has been done, there may still be many details in the design that need to be completed or refined. It's not unusual for tasks such as schematic analysis, documentation creation, and even circuit board layout to contain serious mistakes and often not receive the proper attention. Fortunately, the engineering staff at DevicePrototype can step in and help with all of these tasks virtually without the delay inherent in outsourcing from across the ocean or the other side of the world. This gets rid of tedious design details, allowing you to focus more on the development and possible applications.

Flexibility in production and inputs

The advantage of a local electronics prototyping and assembly service provider is that the business model typically relies on low-volume production with a wide variety. This provides a wide selection of PCB assembly types and technologies from which to think about additional functionality and possible compatibility with the rest of the system, if one exists or is planned. Regardless of the type of project to be built, your local service provider will already have experience with similar design technologies. This flexibility makes it possible for EMS to help both new and established companies build or improve processes and procedures, as well as quickly implement a completely new product. Let’s just say that the risk of a "minor" technological difference resulting from a working model of a foreign supplier is certainly not an encouraging factor. 

Experienced prototyping

For companies that are developing a new product to bring to market, a local electronics prototyping and circuit assembly services specialist is the best choice of manufacturing partner. At DevicePrototype, we’re on constant learning curve, because we believe that every partnership is a learning field - the aforementioned flexibility allows us to share the collective experience needed to quickly and effectively implement various prototyping models. Having a local partner equals processes and procedures dedicated only to given prototypes - to make sure they are built quickly and with the highest level of quality. Do we want to go one step further? Consistently, then, to prepare a design for reliable and affordable long-term production, only an experienced prototyper has the capabilities to make it happen.

Local design and engineering 

For companies that consider new markets for new products a design is not just about building a prototype and manufacturing it. Wiring, cable assembling and system enclosures must be designed to fit together perfectly with the circuit board. It's not hard to see that this can be a tricky process to coordinate when there are multiple component suppliers involved in the project. Well, this is another area where a local partner comes to the rescue. DevicePrototype can design the entire system themselves, saving the partner's efforts and resources, plus the information sharing becomes just less complex. 


Oskar Pacelt